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Introducing Snow Oolong from La La Land (Shan)

Jong Lim Park

I would like to introduce a unique tea, La La Shan Oolong, which is the first Daurim tea of 2018 and came here after going through the snow in Taiwan.

La La Shan is a mountain in the southeastern region of Taoyuan. The maximum elevation of the mountain is about 1,500m (4,900ft). The area is not well-known to the public yet, so the trees are in a great condition, and the farmers solely focus on making great teas.

The leaves were harvested on January 3rd, 2018, which makes it a real winter tea. The tea exemplifies characteristics of winter teas, including thick leaves and unique flavors reminiscent of bamboo and green bean. The thick leaves allow steeping numerous times; in fact, the same leaves can easily be steeped 7-8 times without losing flavor. The leaves release very smooth and long-lasting flavors with almost no astringency because the leaves grow very slowly in the winter.

I was ecstatic when I first tasted this tea since it was a new experience for me. In addition, this is the first snow oolong from the farm in 14 years. The perfect weather for the winter tea made it possible for them to grow it this year.

La La Shan Snow Oolong is an intriguing and fun tea, and I definitely recommend that you try this unique tea.


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