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Tea Made from Harmony with Nature: Wild Shui Xian from Shimen, Taiwan

It’s been some time since the last blog. We traveled all over Taiwan, and we got some good news about great teas. We will introduce these teas one by one. Today, I want to introduce Ye Fang Shui Xian from Shimen, Taiwan.
Wild Shui Xian - Daurim
Daurim tasters tried its original leaves before roasting and decided to buy all of them. It was a wonderful tea and it got even better after roasting.

Above are pictures of the garden. Isn’t it beautiful? As its name indicates (野放 Ye Fang: grown in the wild), the trees are grown with other plants and organisms in nature without any artificial fertilizers.

There are many bees in this garden every season around tea production time. I met a farmer who had dozens of bee stings on his arms, and he said that he had gotten used to the stinging.
Wild Shui Xian - Daurim
The way the farmers grow trees is sustainable, in great harmony with nature and better for the trees’ health. The space between trees is pretty wide so each tree can absorb enough nutrients from the soil.

After farmers pick the leaves, the trees are trimmed and the weeds around the trees are pulled out. The trimmed branches, leaves, and weeds are left there, becoming natural fertilizers.

The production process is really old school. No machinery is used; the entire process is done by hand. As a result, they have been able to produce exceptionally great teas that can be rarely found these days. And for that reason, only a limited amount of tea is available. This season, the amount was only 12kg (26 lbs).

From the dry leaves, you can smell hints of fruits, roasted nuts, and flowers. You won’t get bored by this wide spectrum of scents.
Wild Shui Xian - Daurim
Shui Xian in general is a little picky when it comes to brewing. To taste all of the flavors of Ye Fang Shui Xian, make sure to use water at a temperature of 80-90 °C (176-194°F) and steep quicker than usual.

In each sip, flavors like peach, honey, Mi Xiang, orchids, and fruits are refreshingly harmonized with a little bit of sweetness and a great finish. You will sense a very vivid floral bouquet aftertaste.

The trees are about 30 years old. The tea’s cultivar, Shui Xian’s quality gets better as it gets older. I hope the farmers continue their legacy over generations so we can taste even better Shui Xian later.


Shimen Wild Shui Xian is available in our collection.

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