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Dark/Roasted Oolong

Premium Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea (Bai Hao)


oriental beauty oolong tea bai hao - daurim
oriental beauty oolong tea bai hao - daurim
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Qing Xin Da Mao/Pinglin, Taiwan, Fall 2017

Tasting Notes

Honey, Mi Xiang, sweet floral, raisin, bark, green grapes

Tea Story

Bai Hao oolong tea, commonly known as Oriental Beauty, is the epitome of Taiwanese tea. Its unique honey scent, Mi Xiang, is the result of a tiny insect called Jacobiasca formosana. When the leaves are bitten by Jacobiasca formosana, they secrete a hormone that releases a complex bouquet of honeyed, floral, and fruity notes. Due to its appearance characterized by the white fur on leaves, the tea is called Bai Hao (白毫: white fur). It’s also well known as Oriental Beauty (東方美人) because the Queen of the United Kingdom lovingly referred to the tea as such.


Premium Oriental Beauty oolong tea does not expire; instead, it only gets mellower and sweeter over time. For the best flavor, please protect the tea from direct sunlight and keep the packaging sealed after use.

Recommended Brewing Instructions

  • 120ml Gaiwan
  • 4g leaves
  • 149-158°F (65-70°C)
  • 30+ sec
  • can be steeped 7-8 times

This tea is best when steeped at a low temperature, which allows the delicate fragrances to emerge.

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