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Dark/Roasted Oolong

Wu She Aged Oolong '97


Wu She Aged Oolong '97 - Daurim
Wu She Aged Oolong '97 - Daurim
Wu She Aged Oolong '97 - Daurim
Wu She Aged Oolong '97 - Daurim
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Qing Xin/Wu She, Nantou, Taiwan (Elevation: 4,900ft)

Tasting Notes

Chocolate, cacao, cinnamon, molasses, oak, berries

Tea Story

This mid-aged oolong is ready to be consumed now. Originally made in 1997, the Wu She Oolong has been beautifully aged and has become a unique and attractive aged tea. It encompasses the characteristics of both oolong and aged teas, which release full-bodied mellow notes. This amazing tea has been stored for over 20 years at a perfect humidity without any re-roasting or re-processing.


This tea went through about 30 hours of low-temperature roasting and 5 hours of charcoal roasting, which is a long process that newly engineered cultivars are typically not able to bear. The leaves are difficult to roast in this process because the temperature and exposure to heat must be meticulously adjusted so as to not burn the tea.


Store in a shady and less humid place.

Recommended Brewing Instructions

  • 6g leaves
  • 120ml Gaiwan
  • 203-212°F (95-100°C)
  • 20-30 sec
  • can be steeped 7-8 times


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