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Li Shan Cui Feng High Mountain Oolong Tea


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Li Shan Cui Feng High Mountain Oolong - Daurim
Li Shan Cui Feng High Mountain Oolong - Daurim
Li Shan Cui Feng High Mountain Oolong - Daurim


Qing Xin/Li Shan, Taiwan, Spring 2018 (Elevation: 7,700ft)

Tea Story

There are many High Mountain teas these days, so sometimes it might be hard to tell which are the greatest. However, this High Mountain Oolong from Li Shan can serve as the benchmark for great High Mountain teas.  It has a delicate sweet base with very little astringency, just the right amount of high mountain fragrance, and vivid umami. The clean finish with a hint of floral aftertaste will keep your taste buds pleased even after your last sip has been long gone. With its well-balanced rich flavor, pleasing fragrance, great terroir, and ability to be steeped more times than a standard High Mountain tea, Li Shan Cui Feng satisfies every requirement that luxury high mountain teas should have.


Store in a shady and less humid place.

Recommended Brewing Instructions

  • 4g leaves
  • 120ml water at 212°F (100°C)
  • 20+ sec
  • can be steeped 8-10 times

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