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Roasted High Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong Tea, Mei Shan, Taiwan


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Roasted Jin Xuan Oolong Tea, Mei Shan, Taiwan - Daurim
Roasted Jin Xuan Oolong Tea, Mei Shan, Taiwan - Daurim


Mei Shan, Taiwan, Winter 2018 (Elevation: 1,200m)

Roasting Level: Low

Tea Story

This roasted high mountain tea possesses all the great characteristics and charm of the Jin Xuan cultivar. Jin Xuan is well known for its smooth, milky flavors, but it also has very diverse scents. These unique scents especially stand out when it’s roasted.

This Jin Xuan oolong tea was roasted with heating wires in a cylindrical roasting machine. A lot of tea makers use box-type roasting machines, but roasting with heating wires better preserves the unique flavors from the original cultivar while adding subtle roasted flavors.

Daurim has sourced premium Jin Xuan oolong teas from Mei Shan, Taiwan in the past because the region produces high-quality high mountain Jin Xuan, including this tea. We are excited to introduce this quality tea made with great leaves and sincere care.

Recommended Brewing Instructions

• 120ml Gaiwan
• 5g leaves
• 185-194°F (85-90°C)
• 20+ sec
• can be steeped up to 7-8 times

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