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Zhushan Cui Yu "Jade" Oolong Tea


Cui Yu Oolong Tea - daurim
Cui Yu Oolong Tea - daurim
Cui Yu Oolong Tea - daurim
Cui Yu Oolong Tea - daurim
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Cui Yu (TTES No.13)/Zhushan, Taiwan, Spring 2018 (Elevation: 1,300ft)

Tasting Notes

Jasmine and floral bouquets

Tea Story

Cui Yu is a very special cultivar because it releases more jasmine fragrance than any other tea cultivars. Even tea beginners can easily catch its jasmine scent.

It also releases a variety of other floral scents, thanks to a little bit of oxidation. If you are looking for a floral extravaganza, this tea is perfect. Its scents are very vivid, but not overwhelming because they are naturally from the cultivar. This tea is a lot smoother and more pleasing than blended or flavored teas.


Store in a shady and less humid place.

Recommended Brewing Instructions

• 120ml Gaiwan
• 5g leaves
• 212°F (100°C)
• 20+ sec
• can be steeped 4-5 times

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