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Ming Qian Green Tea, Pinglin, Spring 2019


Ming Qian Green Tea - Daurim Tea & Teaware
Ming Qian Green Tea - Daurim Tea & Teaware
Ming Qian Green Tea - Daurim Tea & Teaware
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Qing Xin Gan Zi (Sanxia Biluochun)/ Pinglin, Taiwan, Spring 2019

Tea Story

We are happy to welcome Ming Qian Green Tea back to our line-up. As soon as you open the package you will notice a pleasing green grape scent. The liquor gives out great umami with a bit of bitterness and astringency, which create rich and refreshing flavors all together. And, it’ smooth aftertaste is so pleasing!

Pinglin is one of the few regions in Taiwan where the climate is optimal to produce high-quality green teas. The tea leaves were harvested in Ming Qian. Ming Qian means they were picked before “Qing Ming,” which is the 3rd of 24 Chinese seasonal division points when the sky becomes clearer by day.

Tasting Notes

Green grape, honey, asparagus, sprouts

Recommended Brewing Instructions

• 120ml Gaiwan
• 4g leaves
• 158-176°F (70-80°C)
• 40+ sec
• can be steeped up to 3-4 times

The leaves are pretty young, so we would recommend brewing the tea at a lower temperature than usual.