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Shimen Charcoal-roasted Oolong Tea


Shimen Charcoal-roasted Oolong - Daurim
Shimen Charcoal-roasted Oolong - Daurim
Shimen Charcoal-roasted Oolong - Daurim
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Shimen, Taiwan, Winter 2016 (Elevation: 1,500m)

Tasting Notes

Smokey, brown rice, lemon, peach, floral, umami

Tea Story

Shimen used to be one of the major tea producing regions during the Japanese colonial period. These days, the tea from Shimen is extremely difficult to find due to limited production in the region. However, the family farmers in Shimen, Taiwan continue the legacy and commitment that have been passed down through generations. This dedication is reflected in the tea.


The tea is roasted after the first part of the process, which is similar to that of green oolong. It releases a very smooth burnt scent from roasting, which makes it easily approachable.


25g (0.88oz) => up to 30 servings

50g (1.76oz) => up to 60 servings

75g (2.65oz) => up to 90 servings

150g (5.29oz) => up to 180 servings


You can drink the tea as soon as you receive the package or you can age it for a couple of years for an even softer flavor.

Recommended Brewing Instructions

• 120ml Gaiwan
• 5g leaves
• 194-212°F (90-100°C)
• 20+ sec
• can be steeped 5-6 times

Tea Hunter's Comment

It has a unique fresh scent and dense flavors at the same time. Compared to the winter version of the tea, it tastes rather sophisticated.ted.


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